Friday, October 3, 2008

My Funny Boy

I've decided that DK is an orange personality. I may be wrong but he is always taking things to far. Pushing people's buttons and doesn't even realize that it's a problem before it's too late and then gets defensive. He is a major cut up and loves to entertain people. He's extremely competitive. He isn't very huggy but when he does give loving it's a precious thing. And that brings me to this morning. I went to wake them up for scripture reading this morning and DK jumps out of bed and says, "Mom, I hope nothing happens to you ever. I like having you around." I laughed and said, "that almost sounded like a threat. Was it?" You know most preteen and teenage boys don't like getting up in the morning, and my two are no exception.

However, he said, "no, bad things happen sometimes, like car wrecks and muggings and...."he listed a couple of more, "I just don't want anything to happen to you". I laughed and said, "okay, well thanks for that, I appreciate it". He laughed too and we all went to the dining room to get started.

It wasn't until I was driving them to school that it sunk in that he was saying, "he loved me". I started thinking about how as a teenager, that no matter how mad I was at my parents, I never wished them harm. How wonderful that my son feels the same way about me. In todays cliamate where the media will have you blame your parents for everything bad about your life and that parents are stupid, it is no wonder that some kids do wish them harm and do them harm as well. Such a compliment by my hardest headed son is a big one and I appreciate his expression for the blessing it is. I LOVE YOU TOO, DK! Although you already knew that :)


Juen said...

What do you mean by orage personality? Is there a way of color coding people?

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Yes it's the class that my older sister is giving me in personalites. It's a mixture of sanguine and chloric but has some of its own defining characteristics that's why it has it's own label.