Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Twirling Back in My Life

Back in Junior High I decided to become a twirler. My older sister was a cheerleader and I didn't want to be a copy cat. Besides, I felt that cheerleading was a popularity thing and I was far from being popular. I also noticed that in cheerleading alot of your movements are precise and choppy. I wanted to learn something that flowed. So I became a twirler. I worked hard and I became very good. I would spend hours working on routines in the front yard. My Mom complained because the grass wouldn't grow because of it getting worn out where I was practicing. I was annoyed when my older sister decided to try that too. I'd felt it was my thing. But it turned out to not be such a bad thing. When she was a senior and I was a freshman we we're on the same team and it was pretty fun. I don't have any bad memories of being on the same team with her that year, so I'm pretty sure it went well :)
Then during my sophmore year, I had many people tell me that certain things should be the most important thing in my life; band, twirling, church, school, family. I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions. So at the end of that school year I decided to quit twirling and band. I was only in band because you had to be in it to be a twirler. I joined the school choir which I enjoyed very much and started rebelling, lol. Although in my mind I felt that I did have the gospel as a priority. However, looking back I can see that that was not completely true. I have always regretted the decision to quit twirling. Infact I have had many dreams where I go back to high school only to participate in twirling. The last year that I was a twirler I went to the State competition in U.I.L. with a solo. I was so nervous that I dropped the baton several times. The guy judging me told me to turn off the music and twirl. Nobody else had been given a second chance and everyone stopped to look and try and figure out what was going on. With no music going in a gym, every noise I made was amplified. This served to make me even more nervous and I dropped the baton even more times than the last. The judge asked me to come stand in front of him. He proceeded to tell me that he had to give me a low grading based on my drops but that if I had just stood still and twirled the baton and done no tosses that he would have given me a "1" which is the highest ranking. He said I had the grace of Ophelia and that he hoped I would keep twirling. Well I didn't change my mind, but his comments boosted my self esteem immeasurably. I will always be thankful for that experience. Which leads me to my excitement and latest blessing. I have wanted to teach and influence other young women in a positive manner the way I was. However, I have not found the time in my life to do that. to some recent events I have found that time and the courage to talk to the principal at the boy's school and I will be given a table at the open house night to promote my classes. The principal is really excited about offering it to the students. It will also bless me with the opportunity to get to know more of the families that are attending their school. Which I have desired to do but find it hard to get to know people unless I'm working with them. So I will report back how many students I have in October ;)

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texasblu said...

I read this the other day, but had no time to comment. I'm sooo happy 4 u! :)