Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lil Red's progression

I realized the other day that I haven't said much about all the cute and fun things that have been happening with Lil Red. So today's blog entry will be focused on this.
So LR started rolling over on his 6 month birthday and has been trying to find ways to get into things ever since, lol. His favorite thing to do is to roll over and over until he is on the wood part of the floor and then scoot backwards on the slippery surface. Cracks me up! He also took to his bouncer at 5 months with ease and one of my favorite things to do is watch him jump up and down and swivel so he can see everything going on. He has developed a love for peaches and apricots thanks to Aunty Em, who shared one with him last Tuesday. He and his cousin Lil T, love grabbing Miss Ruth's, our cat's, tail. And giving her wet slobbery kisses. Which you'd think she'd run from. But amazingly enough she suffers through it, lol. He loves the water. From pools to bath time. and even trying to wiggle down to touch the water as it poured into foot soaker when I went to get a pedicure the other day. The kid just loves the feel of the cool liquid and he loves to drink it. I remember having a hard time getting his brothers to drink water when they were young. But not LR, he likes it so much he guzzled down a whole bottle full for grandpa W in church a couple of weeks ago. He then proceeded to puke up all the milk he nursed from me b/c his belly was too full,lol. His only minus is that his red headed temper has begun to come into play when he doesn't get his way. Big Red says he gets his temper from me but I on the other hand seem to think he got it from his Dad. My grandma said I was an angel as a baby. I may have grown into a little hellion as I got older but as a baby, I was an angel O:) he he
So what do you think Grandma's, who gave Lil Red his temper? I'm just happy that he was blessed with such a sweet disposition that his temper hardly ever shows :D

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