Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twirling Recital

Okay this is the last half of the routine. Douglas didn't think about using his phone camcorder till they were almost done. But that's okay I was so nervous I didn't even bring my camera. And I thought it was cool that he even thought to do it. Thanks Honey! So here it is the end of the routine. Wish you could see their outfits better. They were so cute! They rushed a couple parts of the routine, but atleast they didn't forget anything :)
Also I have my first for sure scheduling of summer lessons. So here's crossing my fingers that I get atleast one more, Then I'll only need three for August.


hummer said...

such little girls and complicated moves.. They did well and gave a showing of their teacher's ability to teach them,

Marian & Edward said...

How adorable, Christina! They performed beautifully!