Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys and Pets

Amadeus has tried to bring home several frogs. The first one we discovered was poisonous and I made him get rid of it. Somehow, it found it's way back inside and he had to catch it and rerelease it into the wild. I guess it realized a good thing when it had it. lol.
The boys have had several pets over the years from a wienie mut dog that they adopted from the bus stop and named Brown Sugar to turtles and fish. The first one's were fish. We had a gold fish named Cowboy and Music Man and the age of two named the other onewhich was a male beta, Masala. Yeah ummm.... I have no idea, lol. We went through several male beta's. I was going through my divorce and I just couldn't tell Music Man that Masala had committed fishy suicide on top of the fridge. After all this was already Masala II. So I bought another one before he could find out. Then we moved to a new apartment. And Music Man was trying to show me what I good pet owner he was so we could get a new pet. So he had taken Masala for a walk. Masala died the next day. I barely saved the next one from getting a bubble bath. I think Danny Kaye was in on that one. Then their Uncle caught a baby turtle and gave it to them. I have no idea why but apparently one of them thought the turtle was cold because I went to get a glass of milk and found the turtle in refridgerator in one of their play tool box drawers. The poor thing had a cold for about a week. We gave it back to my brother to release into the wild after that. We moved into a house and then had a string of dogs that my parents kept giving to us and the one we adopted that was a stray that I mentioned above. Brown Sugar went trick or treating with us and got lost. Music Man found out later that someone in the neighborhood behind us had readopted him. Our favorite dog was A-Bear. Danny Kay still to this day calls him Eddy Bear. We loved him alot. He went on many a walk and bike ride with me to Alisa's house. Then about 3 or 4 Christmas's ago he got very sick. My vet friend says it was probably cancer. I knew I couldn't do another dog. I was in mourning and I would be mad at any other dog because they wouldn't be A-Bear. And I felt so guilty. I felt that I hadn't spent enough time with him. So when the boys wouldn't let up about a new pet. I went out to a farm that my vet friend had heard about and I got a cat. Ruth who was our comfort after losing a beloved pet was a sweety. and still is. She gave a little show of jealousy when Lil Red came home but has quickly become attached to him as well. She comes up to him to try to get petted and frets when he cries. She has always worried about me when I've been in pain and sat at my feet on such occasions. She still tries to assert herself in small shows like laying down on the baby's specific spots when he's not occupying them. She still considers herself the baby. But I no longer worry about her hurting Lil Red which she never did but I was not blind to the danger. Music Man just earned his right to pet of his own this last year. He tried to bring home some crickets from his Aunt's house in S.A. but they were eating each other and dying so he released the last ones back in the wild. So we bought him a guinea pig for Christmas. He named it Wyatt. I think he's learned what I pain rodents are and doubt he'll want to own one again. But he's attached to him and wouldn't think of turning him out at this point. Danny Kay is holding out for a dog this next year. I still don't want one. Big Red isn't to crazy about them either. So we'll see.


texasblu said...

I'm with, um... well, #2 son (you DO realize you used his real name in the post, don't you?) in holding out for a dog.

My boys are just going to have to go to the zoo to enjoy those "other" pets. I can't standz 'em.

Hummer said...

This made me so laugh because it reminded me of their aunt who at 8 was dying for a pet of her own.
She asked if she could take the pecan worms home for a pet.
We got her a dog (that was OG).

skinny minny said...

since texasblu pointed it out I wont did name your guess I did anyway..
on previous post wow I remember that party.
Luv ya

Little Miss Sunshine said...

I can't believe I did that! Argghhh! I tried to go through and edit it and make sure I didn't do that! Thanks for pointing it out! Pecan worms, huh? I think I remember that. mE was always a little strange in her love for animals. She should have been a vet. LOL!