Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Promised pics and More!

Below are some of our holiday pics. I have to admit that I wasn't very good at taking pictures this Thanksgiving. I was too busy enjoying myself and the kids and having fun cooking. The last couple of pictures are of FHE last night. We put up the tree and it was the most fun that I've had doing it in a long time. The older two participated and there was no bickering or arguing. I made fudge for treats. And Lil Red is so entranced with the lights that he even dreamt about it last night. We heard him coo at 4 in the morning. OOOOHHHHH beautiful! Which is his standard phrase everytime he sees new Christmas lights. This morning after he woke up, he was content to cuddle in my lap for half an hour with no noise. Just staring at the tree and our fiberoptic angel on the mantle. I've also confiscated the radio in the car in the spirit of the Christmas Nazis. There is no other music to be played in the car other than Christmas music. Isaac is very distressed and has taken to making snide comments about poor frosty and how he should have been eaten as he, after all, is an over sized giant snow cone. LOL. Well atleast scrooge overcame himself last night and had fun with us decorating.
Hugz to all!


Joel said...

Great new background. :)
It sounds like a wonderful kind of holiday...relaxed,fun and happy/grateful making.

Texasblu said...

Nothing other than Christmas music? Wow.

We don't have a Christmas tree yet. Our fake one has died. *plays a few chords of taps out of mourning* We decided it was either buy a tree, or buy Christmas presents. The kids thought it was a no brainer, but we did spend a min. deliberating. Russ said he'll go out to the wild mountains to chop one down.

Gettin' back to our ROOTS this yr. Gonna be a REAL Bonanaza Christmas. heehee :D