Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of Hospital

These are our pictures of the new baby. The technician thought he was so cute and couldn't quit snapping pictures of him. She even forgot to record his heart beat and had me have to come back. lol. He has really big feet and big hands but such a cute face. Wish you all could see the actual ultrasound. The pics don't do him justice b/c even though he was sleeping he was still moving. Not going to be one to sit still. I am home and on meds and bedrest. I will just have to be the Christmas Nazis from my couch :)
Love you all and thankyou so much for the prayers!


Texasblu said...

Glad you are home and that the Dr. has finally forced you to put your feet up! :D Enjoy your holiday - remember, it's not how much you do, but the feelings of what you do that matters. And your entire family loves you very much. So you don't have to do a whole lot to enjoy Christmas.

Put the Nazi to bed. ;)
Love ya

E. said...

Congrats and have a wonderful Christmas!