Thursday, October 22, 2009


We finally have a new roof on the house! Yay! No more leaks! At least not from the roof, lol. It was so nice to stay in bed last night when it started raining, and not worry about damage control. And the color that Big Red picked out is beautiful! Don't you think?
So I was thinking about the roof this morning and it's leaking and how that relates to us spiritually in our relationships. To me the leaks in the roof are like when you choose to be angry or take offense to someone, and refuse to see them for who they are. When you do that, you may have a roof over head, but you allow Satan access to your heart and he does the same thing that leaks do to the inside of a house. It causes mold, corrosion, and serious needs for re-sheet rocking :)
If we are seeing people for who they are, children of God, then when the rain comes, (people choosing to be ugly or not thinking before they say something, etc.), it will run off of our leak proof roofs to the ground doing no harm. Our spirit will stay warm and dry and sheltered and able to offer love and comfort to all those who need it from us :)

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