Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amadeus's Grades

I realized that I've neglected posting the excitement that is going on for both of the older boys lately. You'll see Isaac's below. But I have to post that Amadeus is having a fabulous year. He received all A's last 9 weeks, and I just received his progress report, and it looks like he'll be getting all A's this 6 weeks as well. I don't think it's because the school is easier. Amadeus has always been super smart. He always does well on tests and can talk about many different subjects with a great deal of knowledge. He is just terrible about homework. Since he knows the subject; feels homework is a waste of time. This has proven that he can do it; he will just have to take homework more seriously when we change schools, so that he can continue with a good GPA for college. But YAY for Amadeus!

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