Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teeth and Flag Day and baby food

So I know I've mentioned that I'm getting dental work on my front four top teeth and how traumatic it's been to me needing this work to be done and not being able to do it. Well I have been so blessed with the dentist that I was referred to by friends of Red's and mine. I have never had a dentist do such a thourough exam and he thinks about each part of the mouth separately and then as a whole. His wife, who runs the front office, has watched the baby for me while I've been being taken care of and Lil Red has made many new friends in the office. Now on the day that they really get started which will be in July I'll have to have a sitter because it will be upwards of 2hours or more. But they have scheduled me for the whole day and noone else so he can take his time and be focused on just me. The dentist office that I'm leaving was giving me a hard time about giving me my original x-rays and then was going to charge us $35.00 for copies even though we already paid for the originals. I almost didn't even try to go by and pick them up because I was told by the new dentist office that if they got the copies and they weren't readable which was a possibility that I we would have to pay for a second set which is $135.00 .

But the spirit told me I should go by and just see if they had made the copies even though they hadn't ever called me back. When I got there one of the billing ladies hijacked me and tried to convince me to get the work done by the owner but I was firm and told her that I was very comfortable with this new dentist and I already had an appointment with in 30 min. She said she understood and had me sign a release form and handed me the x-rays and told me they weren't going to charge me. So I hand what I thought was the copies to the dentists wife and she says "oh cool! They gave you the originals!". Which was awesome! So yay, for listening to the spirit!

K my Relief Society has started every month having a breakfast together and then going for a walk in the park. This month it is this Saturday which I found out happens to be Flag Day. When I saw that I thought, "so what is flag day?". I looked it up and found out that it is a time to review the history of the flag, what it stands for, and to honor it. I called up the lady in charge of the breakfast and asked her if I could do a small devotional that morning in honor of flag day. She said "that would be great"! I am so looking forward to doing this not just to share with others but to remind myself of what our flag means to us all.

So Lil Red just started eating solids this past week. He has had peas, summer vegetables, and sweet potatoes. He loves them all. And is so funny to watch when it's time to eat. I put him in his high chair and he gets so happy. LOL. Which is incredible that he can get anymore happy than he already is. You have to tie him down to the chair because he practically bounces out of it! K that's all there is to report. Hugz to all!

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Leisha said...

I'm glad Lil' Red is enjoying his new food! He is such a happy and healthy boy.

Good luck on the dental work, I'm glad all went so smoothly with switching to the new dentist!