Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music Ringing in my House

I have always wanted to be able to have music be a talent within my family. I have been blessed by a wonderful husband that sees the blessing of this as well. The second year of our marriage on my birthday he bought me an upright piano. He continued supporting my older boys in there guitar lessons. And when I wanted to practice the piano would keep the little ones away.
When we moved, we had to sell the piano because it would have been ruined as it would out of necessity been stored in non climate controlled storage trailer. So we sold it and he bought me a pretty baby grande. It's not new and trying to play softly on the keys can be annoying sometimes as the keys can be temperamental. But it still plays lovely, and what's more he approached me and said that I should find someone to give me lessons. I'm in Heaven! I look forward to my practice time. And a couple of weeks ago I even played the music for family home evening. So cool! But the best blessing of music has been my little ones. Last night as I was working on my fall decorations, Lil Red came through the door of the kitchen singing "Nephi's Courage". Right behind him was Jamie, who didn't know that song, but realized it was a church song. So following his brother's lead, he was singing his favorite song, The Wise Man and The Foolish Man. It was a sweet moment. One of those that you hold onto forever.
My Dad is at the heart of my love for music. Although, my Mom deserves credit as well. My Mom taught me the fun that can be had and the uplift that comes from listening to good music. But my Dad taught me to appreciate classical and to desire to develop my musical talent. His favorite Christmas song, 'Oh Holy Night' became my favorite as year after year when we would find ourselves for a quiet moment in the car together, would sing that song together and yearn to master it so that we could sing it in Church and share our love of the song. We never did. But the moments of shared desire and peace as we sang together bring much more joy than a performance ever would.
Thank you, my Heavenly Father for blessing me with so many people in my life to bring me the joy of music and to nurture music within my own talents.

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Hummer said...

I love that you are enjoying playing. It is great that the boys are loving singing too. Encourage the older guys to continue with their guitars.