Sunday, September 19, 2010

Slice of Life #17 Chore Memory

The picture on the prompt sparked a memory of a chore that was partial punishement and life lesson handed to us kids by Mom. I remember my Mom coming upstairs to grab the laundry to do and finding a whole bunch of clothes she'd just cleaned down on the floor where they had gotten dirty again but never worn. It must have been like the hundreth time she'd gotten irritated over it, so she and Dad had a talk. They pulled us together and told us that we needed to take better care of our clothes and appreciate the modern conveniences that we had and not take them forgranted. So....(I believe it was for a week, maybe it was longer, it sure seemed like it, lol)....we were to do our own laundry with a scrub board in the bath tub. It worked for me. That was alot of work. To this DAY, I am still grateful for washers and dryers. Most of my growing up we hung out our clothes on the line. That eats up alot of time and hear in Texas near the coast, you have constant little showers that you have to watch out for. I'm thinking I've felt the same way a time or two lately with my older boys. They better watch out or Mom will be running to the hardware store for a bucket and a wash board ;)

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Texasblu said...

Did this happen while I was around? I appreciate washers, lightbulbs, etc. but I know that's because I watched a lot of Little House growing up. ;) Didn't think of hanging clothes on the line... that's a good one!