Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent cute photos:please vote :)

These are our recent photos. Some of them I put in here just for fun. But I'd like to frame some of them so please vote on your two favorites for framing. The turtle just popped his head out of the water! cool!
This duck won't know what just hit him, lol. A cheerio!

Father and son. Working together to fatten up the turtles.

I know! What a big turtle!

Mom you know I can't walk yet. Dad, why are you egging her on?

Mom wanted a pic of his blue eyes. My guess is that they won't be blue for more than one more month, maybe.

Okay this one is getting printed and frame so don't bother to vote on it. I think I'm going to do a double with one of Grandma W. on the otherside with him from Easter.

There should have been so many great pics from this bluebonnet shoot, but James was hungry and crying in more than 80% and John wouldn't look up b/c he was pouting b/c I woke him up from a nap. I swear I've only had one fun blue bonnet picture shoot and the two older boys were about 7 and 8.

This one had potential. Unfortunately I noticed what Isaac was doing. Aaaargh! The Turkey!

So sweet! Amadeus adores little James!

I love the colors in this one!

we've had alot of time lately with their cousins by Aunt S. This picture was too cute.
So tell me what you think and don't forget to vote!


Joel said...

I vote for all of could you choose??? Those are amazing pictures so clear and they are all so exspresive! So yeah get a lot of piicture frames and go to town!

hummer said...

John looking at the stem. John creeping up on the so funny. and James...well I am with Em too cute.

Texasblu said...

I like the one with Big Red and Little Red. Love father and son shots. ;)