Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby is almost here!

The doctor took me off of Breathine yesterday and said that at 36 weeks and the size of baby that we could let things take their course. It was funny b/c I could tell that he thought hard about whether or not he wanted to let me go. B/c right before I left I was coming off the breathine and had a huge contraction, but because my cervix wasn't widened by much he decided to let me go home. I'm so glad because while I continued to have contractions all day long they haven't gotten regular or strong enough to do anything till this morning at 1:45. I'm heading to get my husband up now as they are super strong. TTYL


skinny minny said...

well, at least this explains why you were featured sooo strongly in my dreams this morning. I'll call your Mom at bit later to check on you. Love you <3

hummer said...

Sorry the baby has slowed his progress.
I have awarded you the 101 Sweet Award.
It is on my blog.

skinny minny said...

umm..think it may be time to update here..or are you waiting for his first tooth? love you!♥♥♥