Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Moments

I was folding laundry a minute ago, and Lil Red came and crawled in my lap and said, "book", as he made the sign for it. I realized immediately that he had decided it was time to sing, Book of Mormon Stories. Usually he only does the book and sometimes folds his arms at the end. This time he did all the motions. It was so cute. Now he is playing like his white teddy is a baby and carrying him around in a basket. It's also sooo sweet. I love my cute baby boy :)
Wish I could give you pics but unfortunately my camera still hasn't surfaced :S
So I just put this typically cute one of him playing in a basket at guitar lessons. He is always climbing into baskets or boxes or (his new love) crawling behind the mountain of pillows on our bed and sliding down behind them. He particurlarly loves to surprise us from there when we don't know he's done that. lol


mE said...

Isn't it nice to have them show their sweet side? Some people only see terrors and huddulums but there are precious moments.

skinny minny said...

He is growing up so fast! Enjoy him while you got him! (b/c I am planning a "kid napping" soon ;) )

Texasblu said...

too cute! Adam took his daddy's pillow and stuffed it in a box to do who knows what... and pouted when the dad confiscated it. lol..