Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

We are spending Valentines w/ Douglas's parents so they could have some fun w/ Lil Red. Lil Red is having a blast and hasn't had much time for nursing today as he has been busy exploring. I've decided that in order to wean him that we'll have to stay a week. LOL!
I just wanted to say though that on this Valentines Day, I am so glad to not be in the middle of something new. In 2007, Douglas and I were approaching our wedding which is on the 23rd. Then in 2008, I was the mother of an infant again after 11 years. This year I can lay back and relax and enjoy my chocolates. NOT! lol, I have to fight for my chocolates between Dad and Lil Red, and Lil Red leaves no time for relaxing. As I am typing this he is running around Grandma's house and creating all sorts of havoc. But I am so happy to have so many in my life to lavish love on. I adore my family and I wouldn't change their personalities for the world they make my life a rainbow of colors. So Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

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